In 1882, this company consisted of one man, a helper, a transit, and 100 feet of steel tape for measuring the land.

Dana F. Perkins Under four generations of direct descendants, the Dana Perkins organization has since surveyed and engineered thousands of acres of land for everyone from individual property owners to large corporations and federal, state and local governments. The company has been involved in thousands of projects, including the Andover Country Club Estates in Andover, Massachusetts, Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, and the 1.5 million square foot Northshore Shopping Mall in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Over the years, the Dana Perkins organization has acquired 28 other engineering businesses, and now owns more property maps than can be counted, many records dating back centuries. The earliest is a 1725 plan of a farm in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

During its long history, the leadership of the company has always seen the necessity of utilizing the latest technologies in addressing our clients’ needs. In the early 1980s, the company was among the first to obtain computer-aided design drafting software that replaced hand drafting and laborious mathematical calculations to generate engineering and land survey plans by computer. In the mid 1990s, Dana F. Perkins, inc. was one of the first land surveying companies in the region to employ the Global Positioning Satellite system as another of its survey methods. Today, GPS has become an industry standard and positions can be established at up to one centimeter accuracy.

After the turn of the century, the firm added robotic surveying equipment to its inventory. This system enables one man and the robot to perform the tasks of a two-man crew, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity without sacrificing accuracy.

Dana F. Perkins, inc., is proud to extend its distinguished tradition into the 21st century, providing the public with the very best in civil engineering and land surveying services.